Press and Such

"So, then this is your night, isn't it?"
Ian Hunter

"A pity you don't have a record deal."
Chris Spedding

"I can't wait to play!"
Rick Derringer

"I'm so glad you are making music. You are one of the great guitarists of all time."
Phoebe Legere, American icon

"The album sounds amazing! You guys mixed and mastered the shit out of it and your vocals sound awesome."
Will Lee, Bassist extraordinaire

"Man, I am so busy right now with this fest, but I clicked on to “True Tonight”. I instantly loved the freakin song!  All I can say is, it looks like you outdid yourself this time, Mr. Leonard!  Wow!"
John Morelli, drummer non-pareil

"You should be very proud of this effort. It's great!"
Benjy King (Rest in peace, dear brother)

"My dear friend David Leonard just released his new album. It is excellent! Not just one or two songs but the whole thing is great. Thank you Dave for having me play on it as always it was a total blast."
Charlie Torres, bassist with the mostest

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News and Such

It's Time!! - September, 2017
My first recordings in twenty years are finally available for your listening enjoyment! You can buy it on Amazon, CDBaby, or directly from me---in fact, if I see you before you've had a chance to part with the ten bucks, I'll be happy to give you a copy. You see, this record was written and recorded simply for the love--yup, all for the love of rock and roll, as Robert Gordon once said. I hope you'll like listening to it as much as I liked recording it.

Almost ready . . . - August 15, 2017
Doug and I have finally finished mixing and mastering, and now it's off to the presses. We hope to be distributing by the end of September. No one seems to be in as much of a rush as we are. It sounds so good, though, that we can't wait to hear what our friends think about it. Yes, the double-edged sword.

Chris Spedding rules! - June 16, 2017
Chris Spedding just finished his overdubs on four tracks. We recorded them in Brighton, England, at a great little studio. Chris' style is so sweet, and every note he plays works so well. The best part is that every note sounds exactly like a Chris Spedding note. Fans will understand. Grateful that he agreed to help out. And I didn't even have to threaten him.

Rick Derringer cuts his tracks - May 24, 2017
We're in Clearwater, Florida, at George Harris' Panda Productions, where Rick Derringer is laying down his parts on four songs for the new record. It's so f'ing cool to see him standing here, with his red ES-355 around his neck. And, boy, does it sound great. What a player! So honored that he was willing to help out. What a fab birthday present.

November 2014
This month, Nonesuch Records released the August 2009 Lincoln Center performance of A Crimson Grail that I was fortunate enough to participate in.  I was one of the 200 electric guitarists and bassists playing the avant-garde symphony written and directed by Rhys Chatham.  The performance, itself, was incredible–stirring and most certainly unique (oh, and did I mention loud–it’s almost as though they overlooked the fact that 200 electric guitars also means 200 amplifiers!).  During the final movement, much of the orchestra and all of the audience members that I could see were moved to tears.  This was one of the most incredible nights of my musical life.  Lots of hard work–three days, twenty hours of rehearsal, an all-day sound-check, and then, finally, the execution of this one-of-a-kind performance (actually, this piece has been attempted twice–once in Milan and once in New York).  If the CD conveys even a fraction of the emotion of the live  performance, it’ll be something you’ll want to hear.  (