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David Leonard: Images

The Quickening Sessions

Rick likes my new guitar.  He should--he designed it!
Who's cooler than Chris Spedding, for crissakes?
Will Lee, by Sandrine Lee
with my old pal, Charlie Torres, of the Rick Derringer Band
with Mr.  Steve Holley, king of the back-beat.
Steve Holley playing the cajon under his cojones during The Quickening sessions.
Charlie during The Quickening sessions at Raw Recording.
What does an executive producer do, anyway?
Engineer Jean-Christophe Santalis with Charlie Torres at Raw Recording.
Abraham Leonard practicing practicing practicing.
geek talk with Rick Derringer, September 2009.
The Wizard, Doug Maxwell
Why Pop needs a pop filter.
Charlie Torres --  a real stand-up guy.
If you've worked there, you, too, see this in your dreams.
My favorite drummer, Steve Holley
Secret Weapon: the actual pre's from Abbey Road!

Life in the passing lane.

The Richard Lloyd Quartet, Los Angeles 1994
with ace guitarist Mark Bosch, September 2010
with guitarist extraordinaire and haberdasher, James Mastro, September 2010.
Rick Derringer, by James Lewis
with longtime pal, the brilliant bassist, Kurt Spoor
With bottom master, Paulie Page.  We're pointing at each other, aren't we?