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David Leonard: Music

King of Fools

David Leonard/Richard Lloyd

Richard Lloyd has a genius for adding depth and meaning to both music and lyrics.  The song started out as another trite paean to unrequited love, but was completed as a tribute to the most personal of ideas--religion (or the lack of it), passion, and humility.  Speaking of passion, Chris Spedding adds crazy slide guitar that takes the whole track to another level.

I’ve been talking to St. Augustine
The architect of hearts and golden dreams
You would not believe what he said to me
With a confidence divine

And I’ve been looking thru my book of prayers
Searching for a friend of mine
Who they say got lost as we passed thru here
And I cannot get him off of my mind

We were children when we set out on our own
With an angel guardian for a guide
He showed us the throne it was crystal clear
But still we chose to remain blind

I'm the king of fools