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A Crimson Grail

This month, Nonesuch Records released the August 2009 Lincoln Center performance of A Crimson Grail that I was fortunate enough to participate in.  I was one of the 200 electric guitarists and bassists playing the avant-garde symphony written and directed by Rhys Chatham.  The performance, itself, was incredible–stirring and most certainly unique (oh, and did I mention loud–it’s almost as though they overlooked the fact that 200 electric guitars also means 200 amplifiers!).  During the final movement, much of the orchestra and all of the audience members that I could see were moved to tears.  This was one of the most incredible nights of my musical life.  Lots of hard work–three days, twenty hours of rehearsal, an all-day sound-check, and then, finally, the execution of this one-of-a-kind performance (actually, this piece has been attempted twice–once in Milan and once in New York).  If the CD conveys even a fraction of the emotion of the live performance, it’ll be something you’ll want to hear.  (